Free 5 Best Magento Extension for Blog


1) News from Commerce Lab

News from Commerce LabThis Extension gives you the facility to use as a blog on your website. It allows to display a  fully-fledged news on your website. It allows to create categories, add comments to each news item, add pictures to news and much more. It also allows integrating with social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. This Extension is more SEO friendly so, that we put a meta title and keywords.

 2) Guest Book

Guest BookGuest Book is a book in which all your visitors write its own well wishes and its idea for the store. So, the visitor writes his own thoughts for the store and other visitor will also comment on the other visitor’s post. All the comments are automated approved. So, Owner of the store gets the real idea of his store.

3) Events Manager

Events ManagerIt is an Events Management module in Magento which can add events to the product page at the footer and Header. Using back end functionality, admin can add, edit and list and delete the events. The front end of the website, It has “Events” link on top header and footer section .

4) nBlog - Blog Extension for Magento

nBlog - Blog Extension for Magento
By this Extension you can integrate your blog right into the back end with your store, So, you don’t need to use extra framework for this eCommerce blog. You can manage your blog and your e-commerce store all stuffs form back end. You can also integrate social media to your store.

5) FAQ Manager

FAQ ManagerBy this Extension you can easily give your customer the ability to have their question answered. This extension increases search engine ranking and improves the overall customer experience because they get their proper answer from the FAQ section.

All this Magento Extensions for blog creation are best in Magento market place. You can implement this Magento blogs Extension in your Magento site and use your Magento Theme for use of blog. So, you can directly connect with your customers via blog where customer share its thought, idea, etc.

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