M-Connect Media :: Top 5 Check Out Extension for Magento Commerce (PAID)


Check Out process is faced by every user at the end of the purchase when they move fast from the site. They perform fast check out process and now all stores have a default Magento checkout process. M-Connect Media - Magento eCommerce Extension Development Agency believes in customer satisfaction.

We generate a list of best Check out Extension that make the faster checkout process. This Extension is very helpful for all Magento Community that will use this all Check out Extension.

1) Call for Price

Call For Price Magento Extension provides the default administration tab for all products that will provide an option for removing the “add to cart” button from all display or grid or list of Magento. Suppose, you enter the product ans you give it price 0 $ or their all quantity was sold out then this Extension automatically remove that products from its display/grid/list page. It is a payable Extension from Magento Connect.

  2) One Step Check out v4

One Step Checkout V4 Extension is a most trusted Extension for the merchants because over 10000 merchants are used this Extension. This Extension puts all Six checkout steps in one page with full functionality. When you choose Shipping and payment method then total and prices are dynamically updated via AJAX.

The user simply adds their address and then this Extension chooses automatic delivery/payment methods on the same page. All other information in the address section is disable like fax, company, telephone, region, city, zip. Improving the checkout process results in more customers completing their sales, and this has an immediate impact on your bottom line. It is the single most effective technical change you can make to reduce shopping cart abandonment. This Extension has great facility but this module is payable.

3) Custom Order Status

Custom Order status can make many statues in particular one order that generated with many payment methods. So, when you have many order then you can not satisfied with one order status, you must have facility for many order status that helps you when another person follow your work.

So, it is very useful for order management. You can set this both ways from the back end or front end. It is available from Magento Connect with some payable unit.

  4) Gomage Light Check out

Light Check out Extension put all six Magento checkout steps in one step checkout process. By simplifying the process, you will increase your online sales. By this all users spend minimum time to check out and all this user return at sited more and more.

When you choose Shipping and payment method then total and prices are dynamically updated via AJAX. The user simply adds their address and then this Extension chooses automatic delivery/payment methods on the same page.

We can easily enable and disable fields like Company, Country, City, Telephone, Fax, Region, Street or Postal code at the address section. This Extension is easily available at Magento Connect with some cost.

5) Checkout Fields Manager

When you checkout then many store’s needs some additional text box or text area or drop-down list or check boxes etc. at checkout process. So, this Extension can add these types of field on your checkout page.

So, Customer can add their all proper detail and store get their all information for further relation. This Extension is available at Magento Connect and you will pay for this.
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Most Popular Categoty and Product Page Enhancement Magento Extension

Magento is one of the most popular open source eCommerce development platform among all the open source eCommerce development platform because it deploys more than 2 Lakh web shop.
Magento Development

All this Magento Extension is very useful for product pagination and sorting. Magento Extension like Magento Products Tabs, Ajax Pagination and Sorting, Free Banners, Magento Categories Images and Product Image Zoom is useful for providing the best customer experience and responsive magento eCommerce store.
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Best Check Out Magento Extension For Your Web Store

Magento is the most popular term for eCommerce in the world because it provides many functionalities, security, many designs for web store’s and also many new evolutions for Magento community. So, the users of Magento store are increasing rapidly compared to other eCommerce shopping cart. In future, it is one of the most usable technology to build an online store with eCommerce functionality.
Magento professionally technical support team

To improve user experience on your web store during the checkout process, you should try to decrease traditional six checkout steps to one step check out. Here, we have tried to list some most popular Magento extensions to simplify the checkout process of your webshops.
These extensions are easy to install for any non-technical person, but as a webmaster point of view you should not try to install without taking prior backup of data.

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Hire Custom Magento Developer For Your eCommerce Store

The demand of the eCommerce solutions provider is increasing because they provide the best platform for shopping cart development and also they provide less expensive and less investment strategy for developing a small business. From that eCommerce term more popular in all Asian countries and also all over the world.

Hire Magento Developer

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Magento Opens New Avenues for Merchants and Developers

Magento is taking a leap in technology by integrating PayPal and HTML5 in the latest mobile versions of Magento community and Magento Enterprise software. This was announced in Las Vegas city during Magento Imagine eCommerce 2012 Conference.

Proudly announcing the latest news, Roy Rubin, general manager of Magento and chief product and customer officer of X.commerce also shared that "From research to checkout and beyond, merchants can now drive conversions more effectively, increase order size and build customer loyalty."

These new adaptations have given a strong push to Magento eCommerce taking place on mobile phones. Mobiles have brought the whole world on your palms and shopping can become a really 'handy affair' by incorporating eCommerce software like Magento.

Magento also announced many new offerings like Gesture based controls, device specific audio and video facilities, Cross sell and up-sell caliber, Multi touch functionality, image scaling, drag and drop products directly into the shopping cart, switching product images and more.

These are highly beneficial for online merchants as they can easily convert the leads into customers plus expand the order size and can always stay connected with the customers. Mobile commerce is anyways a buzz word and gives a wider scope to eCommerce.

Integrating PayPal is a smart decision as through PayPal payments can be made online, offline or in-person. Nearly 83% of organizations availing PayPal votes in its favor and agrees to an increase in sales since the use of PayPal.

Magento Community and Enterprise edition users can leverage any of the three - PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced or PayPal Express for making payment. Except PayPal and Google checkout, Magneto facilitates its clients with nearly 700 third party payment extensions.

Magento has also incorporated smart updates which include advanced visitor segmentation, Auto generation of coupon codes; expanded rule based relations, enhanced CMS, multiple wish lists, backup and rollback etc. All this suggests that mobile eCommerce would reach greater heights with Magento!!!

About X.commerce Inc.
X.commerce has formed a nexus of developers and has assembled all the technological virtues of PayPal, eBay, GSI commerce and Magneto to expand the vision of eBay which is to enable and spread eCommerce. It is a great aid for merchants who can leverage this end-to-end technology for eCommerce and can easily gain customers and expand their business.
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Indian Mobile App Developers Trend and Growth

India, according to The Forrester research, is the third fastest growing app market in the world, competing with major western developers like London and Silicon Valley. The industry grew by 22.6% last year alone according to research carried out by the internet and mobile association of India.

The research furthermore showed that there were 9000 app development companies in India. Further research done by The Forrester shows that the government of India is expected to collect about 5.6 billion dollars’ worth of revenue from the app market.

The reason behind this extraordinary growth of India’s app market is the attraction of the western’s small / medium sized enterprises to the low cost of labor in India. This has been caused by the high cost of labor offered by western app developers compared to app developers India, with hourly rates in India being as little as 20$ while those of the US developers ranges from $50 to $100.

Current Trends in India’s App Development Industry

The Indian app market is the leading developer of android mobile applications. New mobile apps are developed every day, enabling smart phone users to do something new. Some of the latest applications include:

i. The system monitors for android.

This app provides real time information on load statistics in form of graphs and text. It allows the user to monitor the CPU, RAM, the battery, other apps, and the network.

ii. The Digital for android.

It allows the user to enjoy stylish Holo light and dark android calendar app with 6 views and 5 widgets.

iii. The app dialer for android.

It is designed to help search for other apps. Only a few clicks on the T9 touchpad and you can launch any app you wish.

iv. Repix for android and IOS.

It is designed to be a photo editor with a difference. It has extraordinary tools that let you edit a photo in many more ways.

In addition, that is just a small proportion of trending app developers India, better experienced than explained.

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A serious vulnerability found with the Zend Framework recently which is like a threat to your Magento or any Zend application store.
The issue found is with the XML-RPC, The vulnerability allows a attacker to execute, read files on your webs server, they can even access files which contains important credentials to access your store. It can effect to database also because DB HOST and PASSWORD contains with the configuration files.
Magento have posted a solution that we can be safe applying a solutions in form a patch.
  • Solution applied for all the Magento version including Enterprise, Professional and Community.
    You can access the Zend security upgrade patch from Patches and Support for your product in the download section of your Magento Account -Download - You need to be logged in to download the patch.For Community versions-
    Magento Community Edition merchants:Community Edition through
    Community Edition
    Community Edition through
    send us email to get patch info@mconnectmedia.com
NOTE: Backup files and applies the patch one by one.
If patch dosen’t work then immediately switch off your XML RPC SERVICES from your MAGENTO following below points, But THis is not a permanent solutions at all you have to apply the pathch or else switch off the xml-rpc services and wait till next version release of magento eCommerce.
1. On the Magento web server, navigate to the www-root where Magento app files are stored.
2. In the www root, navigate to /app/code/core/Mage/Api/controllers.
3. Open Xmlrpc Controller.php for editing.
4. Comment out or delete the body of the method: public indexAction()
5. Save the changes.

This post created by M-Connect Media a Magento Design Agency.
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