Magento Opens New Avenues for Merchants and Developers

Magento is taking a leap in technology by integrating PayPal and HTML5 in the latest mobile versions of Magento community and Magento Enterprise software. This was announced in Las Vegas city during Magento Imagine eCommerce 2012 Conference.

Proudly announcing the latest news, Roy Rubin, general manager of Magento and chief product and customer officer of X.commerce also shared that "From research to checkout and beyond, merchants can now drive conversions more effectively, increase order size and build customer loyalty."

These new adaptations have given a strong push to Magento eCommerce taking place on mobile phones. Mobiles have brought the whole world on your palms and shopping can become a really 'handy affair' by incorporating eCommerce software like Magento.

Magento also announced many new offerings like Gesture based controls, device specific audio and video facilities, Cross sell and up-sell caliber, Multi touch functionality, image scaling, drag and drop products directly into the shopping cart, switching product images and more.

These are highly beneficial for online merchants as they can easily convert the leads into customers plus expand the order size and can always stay connected with the customers. Mobile commerce is anyways a buzz word and gives a wider scope to eCommerce.

Integrating PayPal is a smart decision as through PayPal payments can be made online, offline or in-person. Nearly 83% of organizations availing PayPal votes in its favor and agrees to an increase in sales since the use of PayPal.

Magento Community and Enterprise edition users can leverage any of the three - PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced or PayPal Express for making payment. Except PayPal and Google checkout, Magneto facilitates its clients with nearly 700 third party payment extensions.

Magento has also incorporated smart updates which include advanced visitor segmentation, Auto generation of coupon codes; expanded rule based relations, enhanced CMS, multiple wish lists, backup and rollback etc. All this suggests that mobile eCommerce would reach greater heights with Magento!!!

About X.commerce Inc.
X.commerce has formed a nexus of developers and has assembled all the technological virtues of PayPal, eBay, GSI commerce and Magneto to expand the vision of eBay which is to enable and spread eCommerce. It is a great aid for merchants who can leverage this end-to-end technology for eCommerce and can easily gain customers and expand their business.

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