Indian Mobile App Developers Trend and Growth

India, according to The Forrester research, is the third fastest growing app market in the world, competing with major western developers like London and Silicon Valley. The industry grew by 22.6% last year alone according to research carried out by the internet and mobile association of India.

The research furthermore showed that there were 9000 app development companies in India. Further research done by The Forrester shows that the government of India is expected to collect about 5.6 billion dollars’ worth of revenue from the app market.

The reason behind this extraordinary growth of India’s app market is the attraction of the western’s small / medium sized enterprises to the low cost of labor in India. This has been caused by the high cost of labor offered by western app developers compared to app developers India, with hourly rates in India being as little as 20$ while those of the US developers ranges from $50 to $100.

Current Trends in India’s App Development Industry

The Indian app market is the leading developer of android mobile applications. New mobile apps are developed every day, enabling smart phone users to do something new. Some of the latest applications include:

i. The system monitors for android.

This app provides real time information on load statistics in form of graphs and text. It allows the user to monitor the CPU, RAM, the battery, other apps, and the network.

ii. The Digital for android.

It allows the user to enjoy stylish Holo light and dark android calendar app with 6 views and 5 widgets.

iii. The app dialer for android.

It is designed to help search for other apps. Only a few clicks on the T9 touchpad and you can launch any app you wish.

iv. Repix for android and IOS.

It is designed to be a photo editor with a difference. It has extraordinary tools that let you edit a photo in many more ways.

In addition, that is just a small proportion of trending app developers India, better experienced than explained.

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