Magento Development Is Best For eCommerce Solutions?

Magento is a best open source eCommerce solution which has most popularity and usable technologies over the internet. In fact, it is the world’s fastest growing platform and it can make a lot of easier to develop an eCommerce web store. It is called fastest growing platform because it is launches in the year of 2008 in the eCommerce world and till now 1,50,000+ online stores are developed in the Magento technologies.

According to Google trends, people Googled keyword “Magento” more than term “eCommerce”

With the help of customized Magento development process, Administrator can develop a multiple web store and a multi language website that handled by one admin. Magento is a theme based configuration that has the different structure for templates, layouts & skins that making an easier  eCommerce development. Magento theme and customization offer lots of functionalities and choice to the user. You can install many Extension and try many Themes when you develop your shopping cart.

Some Key Features of a Magento eCommerce solution are:
  •  Supports Multiple Currency Store.
  •  Supports Multiple Language Store.
  •   Best Shipping and payment facilities.
  •   Detailed reporting and analytics.
  •   Checkout option.
  •   Order Tracking.
  •   Guest Checkout Option.
  •   Site and order management.
  •   Provide SEO friendly site Functionalities.
  •   Browser Compatibility.
  •   Provide Responsive Theme.
  •   Provide Many Magento Extension.

Magento Theme Provides Interactive User Interface with following features:

  •  Provide Sitemap Theme.
  •  Customer reviews.
  •  Layered navigation.
  •  Newsletter management.
  •  Provides 50+ payment gateways.
  •  UPS & FedEx integration available.
  •  Provide up-sell, Cross sell option.
  •  Develop multiple buddy coupons and campaigns. 
  •  URL rewrites.
M-Connect Media an eCommerce Design Company develop best eCommerce Solutions for your web store to get maximum users.

Magento is more successful compared to other eCommerce solutions because its user friendliness. It is extremely easy to use With Apache servers, MySQL, PHP web development, SOAP it becomes a very powerful medium for development of eCommerce solutions.

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